Best 4G APN Trick to increase your Airtel mobile Internet Speed [Get up to 130mb/s Speed, 2021 Trick]

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Hi, guys in this tutorial I will show you how you can increase your Airtel mobile internet speed in just 5minute. Here I show you a small APN trick to get unlimited internet speed. 

To increase your Airtel mobile internet speed follow the step-by-step guide given below.

  1. Find your APN settings on your mobile.
  2. Change your default APN settings to the new settings which you can find below.
  3. After creating the new APN save it.
  4. Finally Activate the new APN by clicking on it. 

Ok, so these are the 4 major steps that you have to do to increase your airtel mobile internet speed. Now, let me explain each step in detail. 

Find your APN settings on your mobile.

incraese your airtel internet speed

Every mobile has different settings. So we cannot accurately say that you can find the APN settings by going into a specific setting. 

So you have to find on your own, where your APN settings are located in the mobile settings. I am using a Redmi phone so it’s really easy for me to find Apn settings.

increase airtel internet speed

increase airtel internet speed

For Redmi brand phones you can find your Apn settings by going to Settings -> SIM Cards & mobile networks -> airtel (your SIM) -> Access Point Names (Apn).

Change your default APN settings to the new settings.

Ok, so after entering your Apn settings page, you can find a small “+” button called New APN. (You can see the “+ New APN” button at the bottom of the page for Redmi brands and brands like oppo or any others, it can be seen on the top left or right corner of the page). 

increase airtel internet speed

After finding the “+ New APN” button, click on it. A new form will be opened

Now we need to create a New APN for getting high internet speed. Copy the following details from below on to the form.

Note:- Add only the following which I have given below. You can find many options other than these in your APN form. Just leave those fields as it is. 

increase airtel internet speed

Name – Airtel 4G Ultra

APN – airtelgprs

Username – Airtel4G

Server –

Authentication Type – PAP or CHAP

APN Protocol – IPV4/IPV6

APN Roaming Protocol – IPV4/IPV6


Note:- If your phone doesn’t support this many bearer options, then just select LTE only and click the Ok button.

After creating the new APN save it.

increase airtel internet speed

So guys after entering all the mentioned fields in your APN form, just save the form by clicking the More button -> Save (for Redmi brands), and for other mobile brands either find the save option on your screen or just press the back button on your mobile and the save option will be prompted so that you can save the newly created APN setting.

Finally Activate the new APN by clicking on it. 

increase airtel internet speed

The final step is to activate the newly created APN settings. So to activate the APN just click on it twice and the APN will get activated. Now you can browse through the internet and check your Internet speed.


So guys I hope this article will surely fix your internet issue and will help you increase your airtel internet speed. If you have any doubt’s regarding this topic, then do comment below and also share this article with your loved ones who are also facing these mobile slower internet issues. Thank you and have a nice day.

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